Profit Improvement Opportunities

Profit Improvement Opportunities

The property and conveyancing industries are experiencing the greatest set of changes in their history. Learn about the opportunities and strategies to ensure your conveyancing business creates predictable and increasing profits and incomes for the owners.

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Title: Profit Improvement Opportunities For Conveyancing Businesses
Date: Thursday 8th December 2022 at 12:30 pm
Panel: Garth Brown (Brown and Brown), Judy Bliss (Bliss Conveyancing), Bill Lang (Host)
Note: The following videos have been recorded from our monthly webinar and edited into sections for your convenience.


Video length 01:12

  • Forces shaping the property market
  • Trends impacting conveyancing profession
  • Factors driving profit of conveyancer practices
  • Risks to conveyancer practices
  • Key Profit Improvement Opportunities

Section 1

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  • Population – size, growth, stage of life
  • Employment and incomes
  • Inflation and interest rates (for owner occupiers and investors)


  • Land availability
  • Development regulations and timeframes
  • Inflation and interest rates (for owner occupiers and investors)

Section 2

Video length 02:27

Trends impacting conveyancing profession (2022-2030)

Industry Trends

The conveyancing industry is likely to evolve significantly over the next few years, impacting customers and practitioners.

Technology Trends

As conveyancing transitions from a paper based process to become digitised, new technologies are likely to be harnessed to transform how services are delivered.

Section 3

Video length 02:49

  • Revenues – Clients types, number of clients, fee per service
  • Service Delivery expenses – Hours taken, average cost per hour, rework hours
  • Attracting Clients expenses – Marketing/promotion, website, sales hours
  • IT expenses – Hardware, software, NBN, help-desk support
  • Professional expenses – Association membership, CPD training, PI etc.
  • Other labour expenses/time – Administration, book keeping planning, supervising
  • Office & other overheads – Rent, insurances, energy, vehicle, accounting/tax etc.

Section 4

Video length 02:02

3 Major Risks to your business and what to do

Cash balance/cash flow
  – Planning
– Payment terms (upfront)
– Financing (BNPL)

MEP Health of owner/staff
  – Mental health
– Emotional health
– Physical health

Cyber – IT – Fraud
  – Understanding types
– Identifying holes
– Fill holes

Section 5

Video length 01:57

Defending your Practice from Cyber Fraudsters

  • Operation risk
  • Data Breaches, Data available on dark Web
  • Entry Points for Cyber hackers
    • Internet browsers
    • Email inboxes
    • Mobile devices

Section 6

Video length 01:56

Client Identity Risk

  • Verification of Identity Risk
  • Analysing Pictures on Passports & Drivers licences
    • Are they fake?
    • People who do not exist!
    • Real people – to be relied upon

Deep fake Voice

  • Is this person I am talking on the phone real?
  • Could the Voice be computer generated?
  • Does this open my Practice up to potential Claim?
  • How do I deal with this risk?

Section 7

Video length 07:35

  • Regularly Train Staff on Cyber Security
  • How to protect your Computer Networks
  • How to Protect Your Email inbox
  • Engage a User Name and Password Manager

Section 8

Video length 06:26

  • Profit Improvement Opportunities – Revenue: Charge more
  • Are Price and Value the Same?
  • Make it easy for Clients to Pay for Your Services
  • You are a Professional not a Charity

Section 9

Video length 09:44

We hear from industry expert Judy Bliss on how to increase your profit through effective pricing and positioning your value in the market place.

Section 10

Video length 05:04

Reduce expenses and time: Digitise your firm

  • The Technology is here now
  • Do not fall behind the eight ball
  • Innovate, innovate & Innovate
  • Reduce operation costs and overhead

Adopt Cloud Based Technology

Go to Virtual Meetings

Section 10

Video length 00:26

Adopt eSigning Technology

  • More secure and easy to verify who signed via GPS
  • More Convenient to sign remotely on phone or via email
  • Reduce anxiety around signing documents & meeting Clients face to face


Video length 01:19

How to solve the issue of being stranded by your website host – how to take control of your digital presence.


Video length 00:40

How to I access data for benchmarking in the conveyancing industry?


Video length 07:22

How, as an industry, do we change the perception that Conveyancers are processors of transferring property instead of Property legal experts who give advice?