Day 1 Sessions

Importance of Australian Small Businesses

Introduction: Overview of the Get The Edge framework

Session 1: Customer Trends and Opportunities

Session 2: Economic Forecasts for Major Industries

Session 3: Marketing – Digital Essentials 1

Session 4: Marketing – Digital Essentials 2

Session 5: IT and Digital – Optimising Time, Costs, Risks

Session 6: IT and Digital – Cyber Security Essentials

Session 7: Cash Flow – Payments, Receivables

Session 8: Funding Innovations

Day 2 Sessions

Opportunities from AI and Major Trends

The PROFETS Framework

P: Problem and Product Solution

R: Research tools and when to use

O: Opportunity assessment – market dynamics and customers

F: Financial Resourcing and Forecasting

E: Environmental Influences

T: Tools and Systems

S: Steps and service providers to protect, build and launch

Offers – save on business expenses

Partners and Sponsors

Speakers – industry leaders

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Importance of Australian Small Businesses

Ana Marinkovic

Executive General Manager Small Business Bank


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