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What do customers want now?


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Learn the fundamental change in the expectations and demands of customers during the pandemic

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Title: What do customers what now?
Date: Wednesday 6th October 2021
Panel: Bill Lang, B.Comm.LLB (Hons) MBA (HBS91) Executive Director, Small Business Australia and Co-Chair Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Australia

There has been a fundamental change in the expectations and demands of customers during the pandemic. This webinar will share the latest research on these issues conducted with both consumers and business customers.

The growing number of technologies and sources of information (and misinformation) have increased the complexity for both customers and businesses. Clear trends are emerging, and the value placed on trust and access has never been higher. Building and maintaining trust is different from 2 years ago – while the principles remain the same, the practices have evolved.

Learn what customers want now and the priority actions to take in your business to attract new customers and keep existing customers longer.

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Business spending priorities and spending projections for the next 12 months.

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The Buy Local movement and Team Small Business Australia.

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