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Cash flow solutions

Helping you stay in control

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and the number one issue affecting small to medium businesses across Australia.

Is there a solution out there? Learn about Marmalade, the new way to solve cash flow strain for SMBs.

This webinar will look at a world-first invoice payments platform that empowers SMBs to take complete control of their cash flow.

Marmalade is an all-in-one invoice payments toolkit that allows SMBs to accept payments via any method, automatically reconcile those payments and get paid instantly to deliver accelerated growth and operational improvements. Unlike existing debtor finance products, Marmalade takes on the credit risk when you cash in an invoice. So you can sit back, relax, and watch the cash flow into your business.

Learning outcomes

  • Re-thinking the causes of cash flow strain
  • The typical cash flow mistakes made by SMBs
  • How Marmalade is changing the game for invoices
  • How to truly get off the hamster wheel of cash flow finance

Webinar presenters

Derry Cosgrave

Derry Cosgrave

Business Development Manager

Derry has worked with thousands of SMBs and has an intimate understanding of their daily challenges. He joined Marmalade as the Business Development Manager to help SMBs get to the root of cash flow strain, empower them with access to their money and get off the hamster wheel of debt.

Bill Lang

Bill Lang (Host)

Executive Director
Small Business Australia

Bill is a business educator, coach and advisor with a passion for helping businesses improve performance through individual skill development, strategy execution and capitalising on the opportunities presented by the digital and international business revolutions.

Video snippets

The following contains segments from the above webinar conducted on Wednesday 7th September 2022.
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Section 5

Video length 01:11

Marmalade has created a world first invoice payment platform to help business owners stay in control of their cash flow.

  • Accept payments in any way you choose
  • Organise all payments received by your business
  • Get paid early

Section 6

Video length 01:38

The Marmalade platform makes reconciliation easy for business owners:

  • Automatic reconciliation of all payments
  • Automatic customer reminders for all outstanding invoices
  • Remove the admin resourcing required to match payments and organise your books
  • No hassling customers with the customer relationship management

Section 7

Video length 02:44

Marmalade allows you to get your invoices paid early and free up cash in your business.

  • Receive early payment on the invoice you send
  • Only pay for the Marmalade service when you cash-in an invoice for early payment, everything else is free
  • Cash-in fee per invoice is locked between 3% and 5%, no sneaky fees
  • Invoices paid within 24 hours
  • Choose which invoices you receive early payment on and those you don’t
  • Invoices are 100% paid and no debt, extensive contracts or guarantees