CPD Resources for Practice Owners and Professionals

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If you own or work in a professional practice, you will find our library of educational and training resources a convenient and cost effective way to build your skills, your business and earn CPD points.

Our resources help you focus CPD investment on the latest knowledge and skills to successfully manage a profitable business and build professional skills for career success.

Resources include video recordings from Small Business Australia’s webinars and National Conference, as well as video training modules and learning materials for specific skill development.

Depending on the CPD requirements of your licence or professional accreditation, our resources can help you meet your requirements in the following CPD areas:

  • Practice Management and Business Skills

  • Professional Skills

Practice Management and Business Skills

TitleResource TypeDescription
Marketing and Service to Attract More ClientsWebinar VideoGain valuable insights into what works well and how to make your service offering more appealing in the digital age.
Trends and Opportunities to improve Practice PerformanceWebinar VideoNavigate the next year in property law with PEXA’s Julie Toth and Les Vance. Learn about economic influences, client preferences, and client retention strategies.
Identifying Practice Profit Improvement OpportunitiesWebinar VideoThe property and conveyancing industries are experiencing the greatest set of changes in their history. Learn about the opportunities and strategies to ensure your conveyancing business creates predictable and increasing profits and incomes for the owners.
Improving Practice Cash FlowsWebinar VideoCash flow is the lifeblood of any business and the number one issue affecting small to medium businesses across Australia. Is there a solution out there? Learn about Marmalade, the new way to solve cash flow strain for SMBs. This webinar will look at a world-first invoice payments platform that empowers SMBs to take complete control of their cash flow.
Improving the Future Sale Value of Your PracticeWebinar VideoExplore the crucial aspects of the conveyancing industry. Unravel the factors shaping a conveyancing business’s value, stay abreast of industry trends, understand the market dynamics, and gain strategic insights to optimize value when selling your conveyancing business.
Researching and understanding what customers valueWebinar VideoThere was a fundamental change in the expectations and demands of customers developed during the pandemic. This webinar will share the latest research on these issues with consumers and business customers.
Conducting a Business SWOT AnalysisArticle and Tool TemplateA SWOT analysis is a process you can use to identify strategic issues with a group of people in a short time frame. Based on analysing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, SWOT Analysis was developed as a component of the Harvard Policy Model for strategic planning in businesses.
Improving the Predictability of Profits through the 5 Big ProcessesConference VideoDiscover profit predictability factors, customer loyalty drivers for 2023, and the crucial Big 5 processes—unveiling the keys to financial stability, customer satisfaction, and organizational success in the coming year.
Prioritising IT and Digital investments to improve your businessConference Video

Explore optimizing time, costs, and risks in IT and Digital realms. Uncover opportunities to enhance performance and profit in the Big 5 Processes. Delve into major IT/Digital options for small businesses, make informed investment decisions, and ensure swift implementation for financial gains.

IT and Digital Cyber Security Essentials for Small BusinessesConference VideoUnderstand major cyberattacks and their consequences for small businesses. Learn how to safeguard against risks, assess current cyber defences, and ask IT service providers critical questions pre- and post-cyberattack.
Developing Marketing Strategies that WorkConference VideoDiscover the new 6 P’s of Marketing and learn how to align them effectively. Explore customer behaviours in 2023, assess the efficacy of SEO, and address common issues plaguing small business websites.
Selecting Digital and Social Media channels that your clients useConference VideoExplore media preferences in product research and purchasing. Uncover effective blogging and social media tactics. Learn strategies to convert visits into marketing and sales success. Evaluate the relevance of the AIDA formula and optimize small business marketing services.
Small Business Funding and Cash Flow InnovationsConference VideoExplore current business finance needs and their major options. Assess if property collateral remains crucial for debt finance. Learn innovative ways to leverage customers and followers for business and product funding.
Improving Workplace Mental HealthWebinar VideoLearn how to create a mentally healthy workplace to help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Includes six practical steps to help influence workplace culture and create a mentally healthy workplace.
Employee and supplier management skill setsTraining Videos and ArticlesDiscover strategies to help you attract, develop and motivate employees to reach their full potential and build strong relationships with contractors and suppliers.

Professional Skills

TitleResource TypeDescription
Neuroscience of Adult Learning and Developing SkillsTraining Video and ArticleNeurons and the stages of learning – We’ve all got a brain, but do we have any idea how it works? Learning a new skill requires our brains to do some incredible things, and understanding these processes helps us learn more effectively.
Providing effective feedback to develop employeesTraining Video and ArticleFeedback and the brain structure – The human brain constantly makes conclusions as information comes in, and not always to the benefit of relationships and communication. Understand the brain, and you are well on the way to improving communication and providing feedback more effectively.
Six habits to improve professional performance at workTraining Video and ArticleThe habits that we have determined so much of our daily routine, so it makes sense that having good habits will help you achieve overall success. By replacing bad habits with these six excellent ones, you will be well on the way to improving both your work and personal life!
Understanding and managing workplace conflictTraining Video and ArticleWhether you lead a large team or are simply part of a small one, conflict will almost certainly affect you in your working life. Understand the causes of conflict and how people tend to manage it to maximise the chances of a positive outcome next time conflict affects you.
Effective Recruitment Process and SkillsTraining Video and ArticleRecruiting new staff is something that a lot of managers struggle with. It is often a time-consuming and expensive endeavour and can add stress while the process is ongoing. Being aware of the steps involved in recruitment will mean that you and your team will be better prepared and able to move through each step efficiently.
Effective Delegation SkillsTraining Video and ArticleThe most valuable resource that a business has is not its location, offices or equipment but its people. Managing your people effectively through delegation can maximise productivity and increase your business’s profits.
Additional employee and supplier management skill topicsTraining Videos and ArticlesDiscover strategies to help you attract, develop and motivate employees to reach their full potential and build strong relationships with contractors and suppliers.
Leading a team and continuous improvementTraining Videos and ArticlesThe continuous improvement system we use and recommend is Scores on the Board (SOTB). The system will help you power performance within your business. It’s simple, effective and easy to implement in any team.
Coaching team members to improve performanceTraining Videos and ArticlesCoaching is not objective setting or a performance review, it is simply helping a ‘direct report’ (someone who reports directly to you) achieve the best performance they can. Coaching is a natural part of being a leader, and how you coach someone depends greatly on their current performance.