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Getting Clients

Getting clients includes some of the key marketing and sales strategy elements. These include branding, service pricing, advertising and promotions and building a referral network. All strategic marketing starts with understanding your target customers and how they buy..

Serving Clients

Resources to help you implement strategies that build a high-performing team that ensures a client’s expectations are exceeded and provides you with high-scoring reviews and a growing pipeline of new client referrals.

Increasing Profits

These resources will help you build the knowledge and skills to increase the profit you generate from your business.

Managing IT/Cyber

Increase your knowledge and skills in understanding the opportunities and threats that IT and Cyber pose. In addition, you can access services and solutions to cost-effectively manage them.

Managing Finances

Build your knowledge and skills to manage the cash flow, payments and finance side of your business.

Staffing and Training

Resources to help you build your knowledge and skills in recruiting, training and leading staff.


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The Australian conveyancing sector has changed more in the last three years than most other industries. Further changes are expected and will be significant due to the broader use of digital technology, customer and referral partner needs, and volatile economic conditions. These changes are already impacting the sale process and valuations of conveyancing firms. Several factors drive a firm’s valuation; many owners find out too late and fail to maximise the sale proceeds they receive.

What do customers want now feature image

There has been a fundamental change in the expectations and demands of customers due to the pandemic. This webinar shares the latest research on these issues with consumers and business customers.

This webinar details an innovative payments platform that empowers Small business owners to take complete control of their cash flow.

Improving Cash Flow and Key Relationships

Getting past customers to return and improving the level and predictability of cash flow going forward.

Finding, Funding and Firing Up Employees

Hear from a panel of small business recruitment, government invectives, HR and training experts on the latest strategies being used to find new employees.

The property and conveyancing industries are experiencing the greatest set of changes in their history. During this webinar, you will learn about the opportunities and strategies to ensure your conveyancing business creates predictable and increasing profits and incomes for the owners

Learn how to create a mentally healthy workplace to help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

Introduction to cyber security for your business

Cyber123 for SMEs is a practical program designed by CyberCX to help small and medium enterprises develop a plan for cyber security in their organisation. From sole traders through to organisations with hundreds, this program is an accessible way to get better at cyber security.

Digital Security Essentials

Small businesses can do some simple things to protect themselves and their data.

Interview with Jim Penman

Insights from successful businessman Jim Penman on the key ingredients for building your small business.

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Industry and technology trends impacting conveyancing professions

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4 Potential industry futures

Snippet from: Valuing Your Conveyancing Business

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