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Practical, sensible and confidential advice at your fingertips

Being a business owner can be isolating. Don’t try to be an expert in everything – save time (and costly mistakes) by booking a call with an experienced coach or send a question and get practical advice.

The advice from our coaches cover the ‘Big 5’ areas identified as being mission-critical for any small business.

Our coaches have experience in starting, operating, selling and closing small businesses. The team have themselves have hired employees, borrowed business loans, leased business premises and dealt with the daily challenges of being in business. Over the last 10 years, they have also served small business owners as advisors, coaches and mentors.


Activities to attract prospects (potential customers) and build brand loyalty.


Converting prospects into customers who provide revenue for the business.


The delivery of the products/services purchased by the customer.

Relationship Management

The activities to encourage customers to keep buying off you, increase their spend with you, and refer other prospects.


The processes involved in: employing people; managing infrastructure, fixed assets, inventory and IT; managing finances/insurances/taxes/contracts; managing risks.

Meet our coaches

Robbie Carter

Robbie Carter

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Bill Lang

Bill Lang

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Hannah Gibbon

Hannah Gibbon

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Rob Hartnett

Rob Hartnett

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Liz Grant

Liz Grant

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Michael Kerr

Michael Kerr

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Jen Quirk

Jen Quirk

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Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts

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Expert videos and business tools

Build your business knowledge with videos & templates prepared by industry experts. Apply what you have learned to your own business using simple tools and guidance.

The resources and business tools cover a range of challenges every business owner/manager faces.

Business planning and operations

Business planning & operations

Understand the critical elements of business planning and business operations management.

Attracting and retaining customers

Attracting & retaining customers

Discover practical and effective marketing and sales strategies you can adopt to attract and retain customers.

Managing cash flow and finance

Managing cash flow & finance

Explore strategies to help you measure, forecast and successfully manage cash flow in your business.

Leveraging digital technology and services

Leveraging digital technology & services

Learn how every area of business can be improved through the use of digital technologies.

Managing employees and suppliers

Managing employees & suppliers

Discover strategies to help you attract, develop and motivate employees to reach their full potential, and build strong relationships with contractors and suppliers.

Managing risks and legal requirements

Managing risks and legal requirements

Identify and understand the main risks and legal requirements your business may face.

Personal development

Personal development

Improve your ability to prioritise, learn and deliver high-quality work.

Save time with advice and resources at your fingertips

Save money on business expenses with great offers

Save time and over $5,000 of savings on business expenses in key business areas.

Digital, IT and Website

Finance and Insurance

Human Resources

Marketing and Advertising

Training and Coaching

Dell Technologies
Solutions 2
Mark Carter – GLOW International
HR Central
MBS Insurance
Profile For Media
Rob Hartnett
Victory Offices
Web Force 5
Small Business Australia
Full Circle Feedback
Roberts Analysis & Market Planning

Monthly business training

Join us for our monthly business training webinars. Conducted at lunchtime via Zoom, our webinars include a panel of experienced business owners and coaches talks through practical and proven approaches to deal with priority issues pivotal to every small business.

Our webinars include a Q&A session following the session. Attendees can stay online for up to one hour after the session to ask questions.

If you can’t attend live, each session is recorded and made available to BusinessAdvantage™ members to watch at any time. Members can also request topics for upcoming webinars.

Business Advantage - Monthly Webinar Training