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By creating your free Buy Local listing, your business will benefit in a number of ways.

  • The links between your Buy Local profile and your website/social media pages will make it easier for customers to find you when they are searching online

  • When people search from the Buy Local site they will be able to find you and the business profile information that you want them to have. This can include business hours, phone number, website, address and images of your products and services

  • You will receive a number of digital images you can print and use online to attract customers to buy from you and show your support for local businesses

Buy Local Business Listing Directory

Your Buy Local Business Listing

Every year in Australia over 1.5 million people change where they live by buying a house or renting a different place. Over 9 in 10 move postcodes. Another 1.5 million change the location of where they work. This means over 3 million Australians need to find new small businesses to buy from.

Increasingly, they use their mobile phones and internet-connected devices to find their new locals to try out and buy from. They search on apps like Facebook, Google search and maps. With their growing motivation to support the local businesses that support their communities, they use Small Business Australia’s Buy Local directory.

Buy Local was created by Small Business Australia and its foundation partners in early 2020. These partners include Australia Post, Telstra, NAB, SNAP Printing and PEXA. Since then dozens of other partners have joined and they encourage their customers and employees to Buy Local. Partners also encourage their small business suppliers and customers to join the Buy Local movement.

Proud Founding Partners*

Buy Local Small Business Australia initiative

Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - Australia Post
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - NAB
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - Telstra
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - News Corp Australia
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - Snap
Small Business Australia Buy Local Partner - PEXA

Proud Supporting Partners*

Web Force 5
Ticker TV
ACA Research
Kerr Capital
The Australian
Blue NRG
Jirsch Sutherland
iHeart Radio
Herald Sun
Executive Business Solutions
Leonard Joel
Cameron Research
Australian Fitness Directory
The Advertiser
NT News
Australian Swim Schools Association
Staircase Constructions
HR Central
Full Circle Feedback
Scores on the Board
Benjamin Insurance Group
LSB Australia
Buy Local supporting partner - Eleturien
4 U Gifts
Career One
The Hartnett Group
Daily Telegraph
CFS Australasia
2 Peas
Grow Ballarat
Buy Local supporting partner - Club Builder
Buy Local supporting partner - Beany Australia
Buy Local supporting partner - Grants Office
Buy Local supporting partner - Doing Good Rewards & Doing Good F
Buy Local supporting partner - Inverto
Buy Local supporting partner - Dream Blue
Buy Local supporting partner - Bedford College
Buy Local supporting partner - Propell

*The Partner organisations have provided permission to use their logo to show their support for the Buy Local Small Business Australia initiative.