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Introduction to cyber security for your business
Cyber security for your businessHas your business ever been hacked or scammed? You’re not alone. 62% of Australian small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have experienced a cyber incident. Cyber123 for SMEs program, CyberCX is working with small to medium sized businesses across Australia to help them and their employees improve their cyber protection.View
Digital Security Essentials
Digital Security EssentialsWebinar recording. Discover how to fill the digital security gaps most businesses have with information and tools from the panelists.View
Finding, Funding and Firing Up Employees
Finding, Funding, Engaging and Retaining EmployeesCurrently 1 in 4 businesses say that finding new employees is a top issue, while another 1 in 2 are not aware of the specific government incentives available to support training and wages payment.View
Grants and tax: Maximise opportunities before and after EOFY
Grants and Tax: Maximise opportunities before and after EOFYThe 2022 financial year is upon us. There are a number of tax and grant opportunities that small businesses can capitalise on if you act before June 30, as well as opportunities beyond June 30 that you may be eligible for. Our panel of small business tax experts and government grant consultants will share the major opportunities available and reveal how to get the most out of taxation and grant consultants and advisors.View
Improving Cash Flow and Key Relationships
Improving Cash Flow and Key RelationshipsWebinar recording. As the economy reopens, the medium-term outlook remains uncertain. Our panel of cash flow experts and professional service firm owners will share the latest practical strategies and tools for improving key relationships and cash flow.View
Interview with Jim Penman
Key ingredients to build your small business (Jim Penman)Jim Penman joined host Bill Lang for an in-depth exploration of the keys to growing incredibly successful and resilient businesses.View
Website and Digital Essential
Website and Digital EssentialsWebinar recording. The latest research from Small Business Australia shows that more than 500,000 small businesses have no website and over 1 million have websites and digital strategies failing to achieve the owner’s goals.View
What do customers want now feature image
What do customers want now?Webinar recording. From the latest research on consumers and business customers. Learn the fundamental change in the expectations and demands of customers during the pandemic.View

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