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10% Voucher that can be used on all bookings f(keynotes & raining) + 2k Academy value access for bookings over $6k

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Mark Carter – GLOW International

Mark Carter is a director, author, international speaker and regular media contributor. He has 25 years experience as a learning and development professional working in more than 40 countries: ranging from billion dollar, blue chip sales teams to small business. Mark has built an academy and learning management system specifically for small to medium sized enterprises: programs, tools and IP leveraged in blue chip and best of to accelerate your business performance and growth.

Mark’s TEDx talk was the movie trailer for his latest book ‘Add Value’. As a regular media contributor he writes about core pillars of business such as leadership, culture, talent development, ethics, sales, customer experience and innovation. All have a common thread of people and human behaviour.

As a member of the Business Advantage community, you can access a 10% value coupon plus additional academy access value depending on the booking. Details below. Marks work is always to bespoke content to achieve the ideal outcomes sought. Some of the popular programs small businesses tap into includes:

ROCKET – sales capabilities and sales skills
GLOW – leadership development and management toolkit, including arming and certifying people leaders as coaches
ADD VALUE – applied to build a customer experience framework to increase retention, loyalty and referrals
ORATOR – presentation skills training, including for sales teams and internal facilitators or trainers
5C MODEL – onboarding design and set up, talent development frameworks and culture are key components here

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All bookings made before November 30th 2022 for keynotes, training programs and academy content will receive a 10% discount after evidence of Business Advantage membership. (Excludes behavioural profile reports)
Additionally, all bookings valued at $6k plus will receive academy content access to the value of $2k for 12 months from the date of booking.
Business Advantage membership to be proven.
Bookings are for direct bookings only.
Not to be used in conjunction with any other value offers for the same booking.

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