SME insights and strategies to power growth in 2022

Webinar – Wednesday 20th July at 12:30pm

Gain practical tools and techniques to help you achieve growth in 2022, including managing supply chain restrictions, overcoming recruitment challenges and leveraging finance to accelerate growth.


Join Guy Callaghan from Banjo Loans as he shares the results of the 2022 SME Compass Report which provides insights into Australian SMEs across the 2021/22 financial year.

During this webinar Guy will provide insight on the following topics:

The current market landscape
Moving into 2022, significantly more Australian SMEs are achieving or exceeding their revenue targets compared to the previous year.

Powering SME Growth in 2022
The majority of SMEs are expecting 2022 to be a year of revenue growth.

Leveraging finance to accelerate growth
Many SMEs are now choosing funding alternatives to the usual bank choices.

Managing recruitment challenges
Over the past 12 months, one of the main challenges that SMEs have found is recruitment difficulties.

Navigating supply chain restrictions
Another major issue is SMEs being impacted by supply chain issues in the past year.


Guy Callaghan

Guy has been involved in financial services for over 25 years, starting in the UK and moving to Melbourne in 2000. As an ex-Olympic swimmer, Guy is driven to succeed in everything he does as well as helping those around him to achieve their goals. He loves seeing Banjo’s clients and partners grow and succeed.

Martin Livingston

Martin Livingston (Host)

Business Consultant
Small Business Australia

Business Improvement Consultant, coach and trainer/assessor in Business Services training programs.


Date: Wednesday 20th July 2022 via Zoom
Time: 12:30 pm Australian EST

(This includes an approximately 45min presentation and up to 45min Q&A time afterwards)


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Public: $30.00 per person

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