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Business Valuation and Sales Strategy

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Have you been thinking about selling your conveyancing business in the next year or two? Do you want to know its value in the current market? Do you want to know how to increase its value and how to maximise its sale price when ready to sell?

With the size and structure of the conveyancing industry forecast to change, we provide this tailored service to help conveyancing business owners maximise the value of their business.

Whether you are looking to increase the value of your business, develop your succession plan or plan to sell your business, our Business Valuation and Sales Strategy service is a must for conveyancing business owners expecting to merge or sell in the next couple of years.

Benefits of the service and report

Our Business Valuation Consultants develop an understanding of your business and your goals and plans. They then conduct research and analysis to determine your business’s valuation to specific buyers. The analysis will also identify what business improvements you can make to increase the potential sales price of your business. Finally, the report will detail a Business Sales Strategy you can implement when ready to maximise the sale price you achieve over the next couple of years.

Know what you can sell your conveyancing business for, given its historical performance, assets, market position and readiness for sale.

Understand the most likely buyer types and what they value most when buying a conveyancing business.

Identify the specific business improvements that you can make to maximise the potential sales price for each type of buyer.

Understand the roles and fee models of professional advisers and service providers that help business owners maximise their business value and sales price.

Understand the sales process, key action steps and usual time frames.

How we deliver this service

Step 1
Initial consultation

You will meet with one of our consultants (via Zoom) so that they can learn about your business and the plans you have for it. This meeting will take approximately 60 minutes.

Step 2
Gather information

After your meeting and based on your initial discussion, your consultant will ask you to gather some information they will require to conduct the analysis of your business.

Step 3
The analysis

Our consultants will then research and analyse your business to determine the valuation for specific buyer types. They will compile a report that also identifies what business improvements you can make.

Step 4

You will meet with your consultant again (via Zoom) and they will take you through the report and highlight their findings. The meeting will take approximately 60 minutes. Your report will be emailed to you.

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Business Valuation and Sales Strategy