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Latest Industry Research

Select from the latest research reports and services available to better understand the property market, the key property service sectors and help your clients have a better property buying, selling and investing experience.

Mortgage market dynamics for each State

Research into specific suburbs

Useful for property buyers, investors and sellers

Monthly Property Settlements for each State

Quarterly PEXA Insights

Use this report to help your property investor clients get an overview of the health of the Australia property market through a comprehensive view on settlement trends examining volumes and aggregate sale values on settlements.

Individual properties for sale, valuation estimates and sales histories

Up Australia

Victorian property market summary and forecasts for residential, industrial and office property, both Melbourne and Regional.

National and state by state Commercial Property activity

Resources For Your Clients

Help your clients stress less with the purchase or sale of their property. Simply email or text them an introduction to these helpful free resources to help them plan, move and get set up in their new neighbourhood.

Moving guides

Guides and videos on everything you need to know about moving and setting up in the property.

The ultimate moving checklist

Online moving checklist that your client can save and use to cover off all the things that must be done.

Savings from providers

Save your client time and money in finding the right service providers, from removalists to electricity providers.

Settle in sooner

Now that settlelment has happened, help your clients settle in to their new neighbourhood with a Welcome Pack.


Help clients update their address and contact details with the government and major companies they use like insurance and financial services providers.

Getting Clients

Getting clients includes some of the key marketing and sales strategy elements. These include branding, service pricing, advertising and promotions and building a referral network. All strategic marketing starts with understanding your target customers and how they buy.

Understanding how customers research, evaluate and buy services

Customer buying process

Looking at what people do when they make a purchase reveals some common steps in the buying process. Understanding these steps, and the process the customer goes through at each, will help you market your product more effectively.

How have customers priorities and needs changed over the last 3 years

There has been a fundamental change in the expectations and demands of customers during the pandemic. This webinar will share the latest research on these issues conducted with both consumers and business customers.

Creating an effective sales team

There are many aspects to consider when creating an effective sales team. Knowing where to start will create a solid foundation to build your sales team up from.

Differentiating through personal branding

Personal branding

If you are someone who needs to sell themselves as part of their product or service offering, personal branding will be key to your success. Personal branding is about communicating what differentiates you from others who might do the same as you, whether it what you do, the way you do it, or the reasons why you do it.

Developing a marketing strategy

Developing a marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy enables a business to concentrate its limited resources on attracting customers effectively. It is a crucial part of ensuring the success of your business.

Differentiating your business in a crowded market place

Marketing yourself

Having a marketing mindset is useful in many business and career situations. Regardless of whether you are a big company trying to increase market share, a new small business looking to attract customers, or an individual working towards a new job or promotion, leveraging marketing theory to stand out from the crowd is an invaluable skill.

Increase sales through service delivery

Increase sales through service delivery (1 of 3)

Increase employee buy-in – Increasing the involvement of your employees in your business increases their commitment to it.

Generating customer referrals

Customer referrals, communication and word of mouth

One of the most powerful tools you have for increasing your sales is word of mouth and customer referrals. Customers talking to other customers can either be your biggest liability or your biggest asset, and that is why it is so important to control it.

Attracting customers through in-bound marketing process

How do you make sales? The inbound sales process is a great way to engage with your potential customer and provide information and support that suits the customer’s needs.

Measuring marketing effectiveness – Enquiry Analysis Tracking

This tool includes two templates – an individual enquiry sheet and a weekly summary. Use these forms to track the number of enquiries your business receives and determine how many of these convert to customers.

Increasing Profits

Develop strategies for increasing your revenues, reducing your expenses while also decreasing the the time you spend running the business.

Profit Improvement Opportunities for Conveyancing Businesses

Learn about the 3 core levers that you can pull to improve the profitability and stability of yoru conveyancing or property legal services business.

Reducing Key Business Expenses

Save time and money finding offers on products and services for your business, which include IT hardware and software, finance and insurance, advertising and marketing, accounting and taxation and HR services. Value of savings Is over $5,000.

Profit Improvement Blueprint Service

Assessment of your Conveyancing Business and specific strategies to increase its profit through practical actions over the next 12 months.

Managing IT/Cyber

Build your knowlege and skills in improving IT, reducing the costs of software and searches and reducing the significant risks coneyancers face from cyber crime.

Introduction to cyber security for your business

Webinar delivered by CyberCX

Introduction to cyber security for your business

Cyber123 for SMEs is a practical program designed by CyberCX to help small and medium enterprises develop a plan for cyber security in their organisation. From sole traders through to organisations with hundreds of employees, this program is an accessible way to get better at cyber security.

Digital Security Essentials – How to Fill the Gaps Most Businesses Have

Webinar delivered by Microsoft

Digital Security Essentials

This webinar aims to educate both small business owners and their staff on the essential digital security requirements for their business.

Managing Finances

Improve the cash flow and financial resilience of your business through better skills, tools and innovative financial services.

Cash flow solutions
– Helping you stay in control

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and the number one issue affecting small to medium businesses across Australia. Is there a solution out there? Learn about Marmalade, the new way to solve cash flow strain for SMBs. This webinar will look at a world-first invoice payments platform that empowers SMBs to take complete control of their cash flow.

Improving Cash Flow and Key Relationships

Improving Cash Flow and Key Relationships

In September 2021, over 50% of small business owners and professional services providers reported that they had 2 major challenges over the next 6 months. Firstly, getting past customers to return and secondly, improving the level and predictability of cash flow going forward.

Staffing and Training

Implement practical strategies to recruit, onboard, train, motivate and lead a high performance team of conveyancing professionals.

Finding, Funding, Engaging and Retaining Employees

Finding, Funding and Firing Up Employees

In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of small business recruitment experts about government incentives and from HR and training experts on the latest strategies being used to find new employees.

9 core elements of an effective recruitment process

9 core elements of an effective recruitment process

Being aware of the steps involved in recruitment will mean that you and your team will be better prepared, and be able to move through each step efficiently.

Good-fit employees

Good fit employees

In this video, Bill explains the different elements to consider in order to hire a ‘good fit employee’.

Keeping employees engaged

Keeping employees engaged

Finding, training and keeping the right people are important considerations for every business. Even if your business is booming, staff might still be looking elsewhere for other work opportunities.

Neuroscience of adult learning

Neuroscience of adult learning

Neurons and the stages of learning – We’ve all got a brain, but do we have any idea how it works? Learning a new skill requires our brains to do some incredible things, and understanding these processes helps us to learn in a more effective way.

Hiring your first employee – signs you are ready

Hiring someone to help run your business is a big step, and you need to make sure it’s the right thing for you.

Confidential Advice

Ask our coaches for confidential advice about a business issue or opportunity. You can request your confidential advice from our coach by either email or phone. Please select either of the following options and complete the question form to help us allocate the appropriate coach for your response.

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